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Analog Colony

For the largest isolated lunar analog mission in the world, we are looking for 30 English-speaking analog astronauts!

  • When: September 1-7, 2024
  • Where: AATC Habitat 2, Poland
  • Cost: 300 EUR

Imagine that you arrive on Moon as part of a team of 30 people to carry out a mission. Each crew member is part of a sustainable system and follows the mission objectives set together in advance. During 7 days of isolation, you need to perform your daily tasks, complete all scientific experiments, and find the cause of the problem as well as its solution. Good luck, and may creativity be with you!

The price includes catered food, a flight suit, and a mission patch. You will also receive accommodation in the habitat, online pretraining, and 24/7 mission support from the MCC. After successful completion of the mission, you will receive a certificate and be acknowledged in the common publication.

Habitat 2 Location


The crew will work on hydroponic systems, algae and kombucha bioreactors, 3D printers, electronic circuit boards, laptops, time-controlling systems, pupillometry, habitat maintenance, astrobiology, simulators, communication, cognitive training, community management, and in-situ resource utilization.

Arduino Bioreactor Electronics Kombucha Petri Dishes PH meter Pupilometer

Mission objectives

  1. Education and Science. Cognitive tests, physiological data collection, adaptation research, group dynamics monitoring, communication, motivation, social responsibility.

  2. Public Outreach. Making a new-space documentary movie (welcoming filmmakers to participate in this mission) available to the public.

  3. Knowledge Dissemination. Another publication in a worldwide scientific journal.


Do you have the right stuff?

  • Age 16-45 (youth below 18 should have parental approval)
  • Easy-going, adaptive, collaborative personality
  • Interested in space exploration and solving unsolved problems
  • Healthy and fit, no medications, no addictions, no allergies
  • Willing to eat a variety of foods (individual diet is not an option)
  • Maintains tidiness
  • Not afraid of any task necessary to keep the crew in a safe and friendly environment (e.g., washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, etc.)


The total participation cost is 300 EUR, and we offer a two-installment payment plan:

  • Pay 100 EUR as a registration fee now.
  • Pay the remaining 200 EUR upon arrival at AATC.


We do not process applications without registration fee!

Registration fee is non-refundable

Please note that the 100 EUR registration fee is non-refundable due to the cost of consumables and other materials (suit, logo, embroidery) that we need to invest in order for the mission to happen. In case of a no-show, we will not be able to use it for anyone else.

Upon successful payment, your spot on the mission is guaranteed! When you receive a payment confirmation via email, you can arrange your travel itinerary. We will contact you a month before the mission with mission pretraining.

If you need more information, email us at